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An abridged version of the archive of Episōdo 08 featuring TAMURA Yuichiro’s project “Chemistry / The Story of C,” is now available online.


Tamura Yuichiro's "Chemistry / The Story of C," an aggregation of an exhibition (October 2-11, 2020), performances (October 10 & 11), and online feed (October 1- ongoing) that evolved over eleven days, is condensed into 13 minutes in this abridged version.

The video covers the highlights of all the different media componenets in which the physical and virtual spaces cross, overlap, and co-habit in a novel way.

Episōdo 08 Programs
Act 1, Carbonization, from October 1, 2020
Act 2, Authenticity, from October 4, 2020
Act 3, Hemicorpus, from October 7, 2020
Act 4, Emergence, performed on October 10 and 11, 2020  *Live streaming
Date: October2-11, 2020.
Venue: Lecture Hall, Yokohama Museum of Art / Online
Date October 10 and 11, 2020
Venue: Lecture Hall, Yokohama Museum of Art / Online
▷For the full version of Episōdo 08: Click here


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