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Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale, (the Committee) sets the basic policies as below and the staff of all levels understands and complies with them in order to manage personal information which the Committee holds.

Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale
Privacy Policy

1.Definition of personal information

The Committee defines all the information that can identify an individual as personal information.

2.Purpose of collection as well as range of use, correction, and deletion of personal information

When the Committee collects personal information, the range of collections is limited to the essentials, and we notify purposes of collection, uses, and contact in advance.
We shall limit the use of such information within the scope agreed upon collection and shall not use it for other purposes.
When personal information of a viewer is to be changed (e.g. address change), or a viewer wants to have his / her personal information deleted, we shall revise, update or delete personal information provided by the viewer.

* Please contact us by using the inquiry form when needed.

3.Collection of personal information in relation to business contract

When the Committee accepts contracts for information processing which involves provision of personal information, we prescribe and comply with rules for keeping personal information confidential, reconsignment, sharing responsibility upon incidents, returning and deleting personal information when contracts terminate.

4.Disclosure of personal information

The Committee shall not provide a third party with personal information unless it is agreed by the viewer who provided such information or legitimate reasons such as rules prescribed by the law apply. When we consign personal information processing to a third party, we perform it under strict management by contractually obliging them not to leak or re-provide personal information.
E-mails to the Committee and messages sent via the inquiry form may be forwarded to City of Yokohama or relevant departments of its affiliated organizations depending on the contents of inquiries.

5.For security measures

We shall take strict security measures to protect personal information from various threats. Also we constantly review the system to prevent unauthorized access and loss, misuse, destruction, leakage, and alteration of the information. At the same time, we shall strive to protect privacy of the viewers by raising awareness among the staff.

6.System and continuous improvement process of legal compliance and personal information management

We comply with laws and regulations applicable to personal information which we hold. We also take appropriate measures to review and improve our management system concerning the above-mentioned articles.
However, we will disclose information upon legitimate request from the court of justice, the police department, the consumer information center or other authorized organizations.


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Handling of Personal Information

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