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Please fill out the following form to apply for the use of images of YOKOHAMA TRIENNALE.

Items marked with * must be completed

Contact information


Image(s) of your request(Please fill in the number(s) attached the image(s) from here.)


Publication, media information

Programme name
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[images Terms of Use]

Please agree to the following Terms of Use on using the images.

  • ・Use of images for purposes not described in this application form will be prohibited.
  • ・It will be prohibited to hand over image data to a third party. After use, image data must be immediately erased.
  • ・At the time of using images, you must comply with the following <Precautions> and <Notification / Submission of Complimentary Copies for Published Material>


  • Images must be used as a whole and trimming or overlaying of text over images will not be allowed.
  • ・When publicizing images, please ensure to indicate the titles and credits attached to the images.
  • ・Please submit us the proof images, moving images, etc., in advance for proofreading.

<Notification / Submission of Complimentary Copies for Published Material>

  • ・Please submit two complimentary copies of your publication to our Public Relations contact below.
    Please submit complimentary DVDs for moving images or inform us of the URL for online media.

<Public Relations Contact>

Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale Office

Handling of Personal Information

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