Episōdo: Beyond the Exhibition Momentary inhabitations of time

  • ‘Episōdos’ are the instances of ‘in-between-time’ and ‘extra-time’ in the Yokohama Triennale 2020.

    We call these occurrences ‘Episōdos’, from the Japanese transformation that adds a resonant vowel to the English word Episode, to suggest a momentary inhabitation of time, to sense and perceive intensely all that which art can offer.This is something like what happens when we witness a sudden change of temperature, or try to look upon an eclipse through an over-lit sky, or when an improbable synchronicity appears between unrelated instruments.

    Exuberances of collective artistic production; moments of quiet reflection; opportunities for the formation of bonds and associative networks, provocations for speculations into the nature of materials and material realities; investigations into the relationships between infrastructure, redundancy and waste; traversals of sonic worlds and the enthusiastic, passionate witnessing of breathtaking durations - all of these ways of occupying time and expressing intensities of experience will constitute the ‘Episōdos’ of the Yokohama Triennale 2020.

    The artists, curators, cineastes, dancers, musicians, performers and futurists gathered for the different Episōdos will be invited to play out unrehearsed historical propositions, risk the telling of uncertain stories, elaborate on the itineraries of their ideas, and listen to, as well as amplify or echo ecological and historical soundings from moments other than the present. They will extend the footprint of the Triennale in space, time and perhaps in a few other, unknown dimensions as well.