Episōdo: Beyond the ExhibitionMomentary inhabitations of time

Episōdo 01


‘Episōdo 01: Afterparty’ is the afterparty of Yokohama Triennale 2020, featuring Phatstoki DJ'ing from Johannesburg with Fotan Laiki hyping from Hong Kong. This virtual afterparty happens in the wrong place at the wrong time as part of an episodic deliberation on discursive justice convened by Kabelo Malatsie, Michelle Wong, and Lantian Xie. After the party, Jerome Reyes drops a banner somewhere in Hong Kong.

Wear your best clothes, BYOB and get ready for a digital boogie. Old and new friends welcome.

DATE: 17 October, 2020
TIME: 23:00 (JP) | 22:00 (HK) | 16:00 (SA)

LISTEN: Phatstoki’s mix can be downloaded here.

When we say 'party', we might speak of being party to; privy to, having access to, having insight to, being part of, being in association with.

When we say 'party', we might speak of gatherings of voices, ears, tongues, words, accents, conversations, disputations, counterarguments, and stories.

When we say 'party', we might speak of solidarity; friends, crews, groups, shared affinities, shared experiences, social imagination and inventiveness.

When we say 'party', we might speak of subterranean things; of evasions, hidings, sneakings, and friends' houses when their parents are away on holiday.

When we say 'party', we might speak of pizza parties, pyjama parties, sleepover parties, netflix parties, youtube parties, potluck parties, monopoly parties, dance parties.

When we say 'party', we might speak of meetings—places where people meet again, or meet for the first time, or meet for the last time, or meet to discuss a particular thing, or meet so as to not be alone, or meet to avoid boredom, or meet to plan something, or meet in that way that meetings become rehearsals for something else.

When we say 'party’, we might also speak of leaving parties, closing parties, farewell parties—parties as a celebration of times that have passed, and efforts that have been made, and things that have happened or have not yet happened.

由Raqs Media Collective策劃的2020年橫濱三年展邀請您參加「插曲 01:Afterparty」

約翰內斯堡唱片騎師 Phatstoki 和香港音樂人火炭麗琪遙距駐場,「Afterparty」將於網上舉行。請安坐家中,自備酒水,盛裝出席這個數碼狂舞派對。新舊朋友歡迎參加。派對結束以後,Jerome Reyes在香港某處下放一條橫幅。

時間:晚上11時(日本),晚上10時 (香港),下午4時(南非)

下載 Phatstoki 的派對音樂清單

「插曲 01:Afterparty」是 2020 年日本橫濱三年展的餘興派對,屆時 DJ Phatstoki 和火炭麗琪將配以 Jerome Reyes 的視覺藝術作品進行表演,為派對助興。在錯的時間、錯的地方遇上這場餘興派對,如同遇上一場對論述正義的插曲式審議。





我們說起「party」,亦可能是指披薩派對、睡衣派對、過夜派對、Netflix 派對、YouTube 派對、百樂餐派對、大富翁派對,或舞會。



Jerome REYES, Abeyance (We Gon’ Be Alright) 2020