Episōdo 06

IWAI Masaru Broom stars

©︎Masaru IWAI, Courtesy of Takuro Someya Contemporary Art

IWAI Masaru is an artist who explores the theme of “cleaning.” For the Yokohama Triennale 2020 he will work mostly online to create Broom stars, engaging with participants in discussions and actions related to cleaning.
In this program, the artist and participants will create masks out of paper bags. Each participant will create their own mask, wear it as they engage in cleaning at a location near their house, and record themselves in a photograph. They will then reconvene online to discuss their experiences and view videos and photos of their actions in private. The photos collected through the participants’ actions will be shared on the Broom stars Instagram account as part of the work. The photos will also be displayed with a how-to text related to cleaning and decontamination that will be posted in the triennale’s Yokohama Museum of Art venue.
One of the key terms held up for understanding the triennale is “care” and you could say that cleaning is an act of “caring” for a space. Broom stars stems from a reconsideration of the social meaning hidden in the mundane daily act of cleaning and will arise out of the shared experience of cleaning by the artist, participants and viewers.
If you would like to participate in this program, please see the Japanese page.
IWAI Masaru
Born in 1975 in Kyoto. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Iwai’s film, installation and performance focus on the mundane act of cleaning and cleansing that would reveal its underlying social and symbolic meanings. As a participating artist of one of the “Episōdo” series in the Triennale, Iwai conducts discussions with the audience and takes actions in response to the cleaning work, based on his experience as a decontamination worker. He participated in the Reborn-Art Festival in Miyagi in 2017 and “New ‘Artists Today’ Exhibition 2018 Unfixed Perspectives” at the Yokohama Civic Art Gallery in 2018.
▽Guidance video(4min)