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Artist Project

TAKAYAMA Akira / Port B Yokohama Commune(Live installation) | Chapter 8: A Drifting Journey



Holding time

 16:00-19:00(Doors open 15:30)
 15:00-18:00(Doors open 14:30)


nitehi works (1-47-3 Wakabacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama)


Through previous projects such as Red Shoes Chronicle (2010) and Tokyo Heterotopia (2013), Takayama Akira and Port B have continued to explore Japan's "inner Asia". Based on research into Yokohama's Asian communities, Yokohama Commune re-examines the nature of Japan and the Japanese language. It started at Yokohama Museum of Art, featuring exhibits of the Japanese of Indochina refugees, who arrived in Japan after being driven out of their homelands for a variety of reasons. Now these exhibits and voices have moved to Koganecho, where they converge with local residents in Kotobukicho to transform into a"Japanese classroom". The teaching materials are copies of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Visitors can also experience the classroom as a "performance" of the novel.

Concept, direction: TAKAYAMA Akira
Performers: DO Van Chanh; PHAM THI Kim Loan / ADACHI Maki; ROS Reasey / THACH Hung / KUSUNOKI Rissei; SINGKHAMTANH Leck / NIIOKA Fumihiro; MATSUHASHI Nan; SAO Me / SAO Me Zhu / MIYASAWA Aiko, etc.
Subtitles, Japanese translation: HAYASHI Tatsuki (Port Tourism Research Center); English translation: William ANDREWS; Production coordination / research: TANAKA Saki (Port Tourism Research Center); Research support: YANAI Seiji; Sound, subtitles: UGAJIN Masahiro
Set design: EZURE Akari; Stage manager: SHIMIZU Yoshiyuki (Kafunta); Sound, radio: INOUE Tatsuo
Movie: FUJII Hikaru; Photography: HASUNUMA Masahiro; Design: OOOKA Hironori office; Coordination: NOZOKI Yumi (voids)
Cooperation: Tokyo University of the Arts (Eishi Katsura Studio), ITO Yuko (NPO Lao Association, NPO Cambodian Community in Japan)
Produced by General Incorporated Association Port B

Entry fee Free

Yokohama Triennale Information
TEL +81-(0)3-5405-8686

Tokyo Heterotopia, 2013Festival/Tokyo 13 / Photo: HASUNUMA Masahiro