Art exhibitions and events that are held in the port area by the local art spaces and organizations that share the ideas of “Wild Grass: Our Lives.”

Combo Ticket Programs

Exhibitions and events that can be accessed by purchasing the Combo Ticket.

Combo Ticket Programs BankART Life7 “UrbanNesting: Inhabiting the City Again”

March 15 - June 9, 2024

Since its 2004 inception, BankART has continuously migrated throughout the city it inhabits. The concept of the seventh iteration of BankART Life is “UrbanNesting: Inhabiting the City Again.” By simultaneously staging maps (umwelt/environment) of the city sampled from diverse points of view, BankART invites visitors to explore the city freely to catch a glimpse of

Combo Ticket Programs Koganecho Bazaar 2024 -The World, Not According to Art

March 15 - June 9, 2024

Koganecho Bazaar is an art festival that has been held since 2008 with the theme of the relationship between art and community and exchange with Asia. Its 15th iteration will invite not only artists associated with Koganecho but also artists from Asia, Yokohama, and other cities, and introduce their works in chapters. It will also

Art Programs

Exhibits and events that are free of admission.

Art Programs Miyako Ishiuchi “silk threaded memories”

March 15 - June 9, 2024

The Bashamichi area was once home to trading houses and inspection stations involved in the raw silk trade. This industry laid the foundation for the modern era that began with the opening of the Yokohama port. Raw silk collected from the Kanto Koshinetsu region was exported to Europe and the United States. An installation spun


May 10 - June 9, 2024

“Seven Seeds” is an ongoing project working toward an exhibit by collaborators of Port Journeys — an international cultural exchange initiative by artists based in port cities around the world — that will be held at Zou-no-hana Terrace. The exhibit hopes to make sense of the tumultuous world in which we live, that we may

Art Programs Yokohama Creative COOP: Creative City Yokohama 20th Commemoration

March 15 - June 9, 2024

This exhibition showcases the “now” of creators who have congregated in Yokohama since the launch of the Creative City Yokohama project 20 years ago. A pop-up store will be available for a limited time to purchase goods and small works by artists and creators associated with Yokohama. A variety of events will also be held,

Art Programs NEWoMan ART Window 「Hi and Bye」 Sen Takahashi

The exhibition will feature works based on the motif of “paper airplanes” by Sen Takahashi, who will complete his master’s degree in sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2021, and is involved in the conservation and restoration of modern and contemporary sculptures, while also creating mainly three-dimensional works of his own.

Art Programs Yokohama Marine Tower

Yokohama Triennale Special Programs On the second floor, we host artist gallery exhibitions in the free area. On the paid observation floor, we present the ‘Media Art Gallery, ’ where digital art merges with Yokohama’s night view. It’s a program where you can enjoy both the city of Yokohama and art simultaneously.