September 23,2020

Make or Break invites you to participate in Care for Bridges

Image courtesy Make or Break

Bridges are a symbolic meeting place between cultures and ideas. They are indeterminate, and this uncertainty represents a kind of openness: anything is possible—even international art projects.

Yokohama Triennale 2020 artists Make or Break, a collaboration between Australians Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo, is inviting you to participate in Care for Bridges, a global project you can join in from anywhere in the world.

To participate, just follow these instructions:


STEP 1: Go to a bridge in your neighborhood and perform one of these six actions:

1.A Choreography: Move your body on a bridge or make sounds with a bridge.

2.A Different Measure: Devise a more sensitive accounting of public space.

3.Care Act: Devise a practical, personal or poetic action to take care of a bridge.

4.A Recipe for Re-Connecting: Use a bridge as a neutral ground for difficult conversations.

5.Non-Human Perspectives: Observe, think and write from different points of view.

6.Speaking to the StreetView: Use Google Maps to write a fiction on the simulated streets.


STEP 2: Take photographs/videos of your action or write texts and upload them on the website:

Your action will then be shared with the world on the project’s official Instagram page: @careforbridges.


Care for Bridges arose out of Make or Break’s visit earlier this year to Yokohama—a bayside city boasting dozens of bridges from the very small to the very large. “When (we) spent time in Yokohama in February, we had to find different ways to connect with people than usual, because we do not speak Japanese. Bridges are a symbolic meeting place between cultures and ideas,” they commented.

To hear more from the artists, check out this introductory video they posted on the project Instagram account. And if you’re looking for inspiration for your own Care for Bridges action, watch one of Make or Break’s own actions on Youtube. Finally, if you are in Yokohama be sure to check out the related installation, Care for Bridges, now on show at the Lounge and Café Ogurayama on the ground floor of Triennale venue Yokohama Museum of Art.


Make or Break

Connie ANTHES was born in 1978 in Sydney, Australia. Rebecca GALLO was born in 1985 in Sydney, Australia. Both live and work in Sydney.
Make or Break is a collaboration between artists Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo that began in 2015. They work across gallery, institution, festival and community contexts to produce a range of process-based projects. These include creating experimental economies, facilitating conversations, circulating fictional currencies and redistributing resources. They engage in projects that expose invisible social structures, labor issues and the artist-audience relationship. Working with specific communities, they question the social and political systems that influence lives and livelihood. Make or Break participated in Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival in Australia in 2017 and the Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial in Australia in 2018.