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Film Screening Program

Film Screening Program[J] MORIMURA Yasumasa Film Show #2



Holding time

16:00(Doors open 15:40)-


Lecture Hall, Yokohama Museum of Art


33 titles will be shown in the course of 8 days and 10 programs, including 16 mm films from Yokohama Museum of Art collection, and film/video works by the participating artists and artistic director MORIMURA Yasumasa.

MORIMURA Yasumasa Film Show #2
(5 films, 60 mins. + Morimura's teach-in)

*Pre-registration necessary
A Requiem: Season of Passion
 2006/8分 min/video(HD)
A Requiem: Humanity is Sadly Futile
 2007/8 min/video(HD)
A Requiem: Laugh at the Dictator
 2007/10 min/video(HD)
Gift of Sea: Raising a Flag on the Summit of the Battlefield
 2010/23 min/video(HD)
Three Films for La Argentina performed by Ohno Kazuo
 2010/11 min/video(HD)

Capacity 200
Entry fee Free
Application period 8/10[Sun]-In case of to reach a capacity, we will close application.

Yokohama Triennale Information
TEL +81-(0)3-5405-8686

Three Films for La Argentina performed by Ohno Kazuo