Nick Relph & Oliver Payne

Nick Relph & Oliver Payne (UK)

Relph: Born 1979 in London. Lives and works in Los Angels.
Payne: Born 1977 in London. Lives and works in Los Angels.

Relph and Payne were both studying at the art and design course of Kingston University, England and began working together from the late 1990s. Youth culture in and around London, where they had grown up, such as skateboards, hardcore, punk rock, dancing, and graffiti often appears in their works. Unlike similar stereotyped images drawn up and utilized by corporations, their images vividly and sometimes violently compete with such fixed images. Mixtape (2002) was presented at the Venice Biennale (2003) and was awarded the Golden Lion Award for young artists.

"Comma, Pregnant Pause", 2004

video transferred onto a dvd 27 minutes
Courtesy the artists / Gavin Brown's enterprise

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