Nakaya Fujiko

Nakaya Fujiko (Japan)

Born 1933 in Tokyo. Lives and works in Tokyo.

In 1970 Nakaya first created her Fog Sculpture for the Pepsi pavilion of the Osaka World Exposition, enclosing a white giant dome in a fog. Afterwards, she displayed environmental works and monuments using artificial fog and collaborated with a variety of artists from other fields. Since the 1970s she has produced a number of video works of art, established a video gallery, and become a pioneer of video art in Japan.

"FOGGY FOREST-", 1992 Children’s Park, Showa Kinen Park (Structure Design: Kitagawara+ILCD) Tachikawa

- Fog control system design/programming: doubleNegatives Architecture
- Lighting design/program: Takayuki Fujimoto
- Assistance: Norimichi Hirakawa/Satoru Higa
- Bamboo gate making :Matsudaira Masatugu
- Production/coordination: Hiroko Tasaka
- Lighting support: Color Kinetics Japan Incorporated
- Technical support: Tama Tech Lab., Ltd./WAC, Ltd.
- Equipment support: Kyupi Kyupi/Tobi Co., Ltd.

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