Special Exhibition


There will be a special exhibition of H BOX, a traveling screening room produced by Hermès, at Yokohama Triennale 2008. People have been traveling continuously in search of the unknown from ancient times. Their means of travel have changed diversely depending on the period, culture, and region. Hermès began from making durable goods for traveling by horse and the craftsmanship is conveyed to the present day. H BOX was produced as a toolbox including a functional screening environment for video art works. On the outside, it looks like an imposing aluminum suitcase. Inside, a screen is set up to show video works by eight artists with diverse and complex cultural backgrounds. Through varying cultural experiences, the works shown devise universal workings and words within the current society, which becomes more and more complicated in accordance with the incessant change in time, place, and space.

  • Planning and Production: Hermès
  • Curator: Benjamin Weil (Director, Artist Space, NY)
  • Designer: Didier Fiuza Faustino (Architect, artist)
  • Architectural Specifics: Made of aluminum. h.2.8m, w.6.5m, d.4.92m, total weight 2,600kg.
  • Maximum Capacity: 10 people

  • Installation view at Mudam Luxembourg
    Photo: Andres Lejona


  • Alice Anderson
  • Sebastián Diaz Morales
  • Dora Garcia
  • Judith Kurtág
  • Valérie Mréjen
  • Shahryar Nashat
  • Tse Su-Mei
  • Yael Bartana