Chelfitsch (Okada Toshiki)

Chelfitsch (Okada Toshiki) (Japan)

Okada: Born 1973 in Kanagawa Pref. Lives and works in Kanagawa Pref.

Chelfitsch is a theatrical unit established by Okada Toshiki in 1997. Based in ST Spot Yokohama, member actors include Yamagata Taichi and Matsumura Shoko. After starting out under the influence of things like the Contemporary Colloquial Theater of Hirata Oriza, from 2001 he began using what he called Super-real Japanese, dialogue from the unfocused and loose language of modern young people, in his own works.

Sponsor: The Saison Foundation
Special Thanks: Yokohama Arts Platform Steep Slope Studio

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