Artistic Director's Closing Comment

  An exhibition is an evanescent and limited form of time and space. Based on the theme 'Time Crevasse,' Yokohama Triennale 2008 emphasized performance art, and the nature of the entire exhibition proved to be more transient and ephemeral than in the past. Various performance programs were deeply integrated into the exhibition, not just highlighting it, and so a great deal of tension was required on the part of both organizers and viewers. I must say it was quite a daring attempt to sustain performances as 'artworks' for the entire duration of the exhibition, but, thankfully, we were able to maintain them. Such an accomplishment is large due to the understanding and support of every person involved, including the audience. I would like to express my deepest gratitude, although I cannot thank everybody enough. Just as poet Paul Celan spoke of poetry as 'a letter in a bottle,' my wish is that this exhibition will someday transcend time and space with inevitable numerous wounds to deliver its message.

2008.12 Mizusawa Tsutomu