September 09,2020

Professional gymnasts perform as part of Taus MAKHACHEVA’s Quantitative Infinity of the Objective

Scenes from the performance held on September 5.

Live performances by professional gymnasts are now taking place on selected dates at Yokohama Triennale 2020 “Afterglow” as part of Russian artist Taus MAKHACHEVA’s installation Quantitative Infinity of the Objective, which is on display at Yokohama Museum of Art.
The work poses questions about the body, rules and control, and consists of the kind of oppressive phrases we might hear in everyday life that seek to regulate our behavior, modified gymnastics apparatus and a performance that takes place within it.
The performance that was presented in Kiev and Venice in the past has been updated and is being delivered by Japanese gymnasts especially for Yokohama Triennale 2020.
Cooperation: Mizutori Sports Club
Performances scheduled for these days:
Saturday, September 5
Saturday, September 12
Wednesday, September 16
Saturday, September 26
Saturday, October 3
Saturday, October 10
Performances are held twice on each of the above dates, from 14:00 and 14:45.
Performance duration is approximately 23 minutes.
*The number of viewers in the room may be restricted.
*Photography is permitted. Please refrain from shooting video.
Born in Moscow, Russia. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
Makhacheva is known for performance and video works that critically examine what happens when different cultures and traditions come into contact. Having grown up in Moscow with cultural origins in the Caucasus region of Dagestan, her artistic practice is often informed by her personal connection with the co-existing worlds of pre- and post- Sovietisation. For the Triennale, she presents a mixed media installation, where gymnastic apparatus is deformed and defunct, a multi channel audio announcing a series of verbal authoritative clichés used in institutional and private spaces, questioning the notions of body, discipline and control in current social patterns. Makhacheva has participated in many international biannuals including Moscow (2011 and 2015), Sharjah (2013), Shanghai (2016), Venice (2017), Riga (2018), Lyon (2019) and Lahore (2020).