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About us

The City of Yokohama

Located near Tokyo, Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan, with a population of 3.7 million people. It was one of the first commercial ports that Japan opened to the world in 1859 after 200 years of seclusion, and has been the gateway for the transfer and transmission of various people, objects, values and systems, leading Japanʼs modernization and nurturing an amalgam of different culture.
Yokohama is an international port city that is also a popular tourist destination. Many visitors are attracted to the city where the combination of a modern cityscape and historical landmarks look over the busy commercial port with ships coming and going under the open sky.

Map about the Yokohama

The terminal station, Yokohama, is approximately
30 minutes from JR Tokyo station, 25 minutes
from Haneda Airport, and 90 minutes from Narita
International Airport by train.

Culture, Art and Creative City Measures

Yokohama’s Culture, Art and Creative City Measures make the most of the city’s greatest strength – the unique history and culture of its port – and utilize "the creativity" inherent in art and culture in order to develop an urban environment that give rise to new values and appeal. As the pioneering Creative City in Japan, Yokohama has pursued these measures since 2004.
Administered not only by the government but also in cooperation with local citizens, NPOs, and creators, Yokohama has established a "Creative City Core Areas" to effectively utilizing the Central Seaside Area’s historical buildings and public spaces.In recent years, these efforts have helped expand the network between cities both inside and outside Japan, promoting "Culture, Art and Creative City Yokohama" at both national and international levels.

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