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Yokohama Triennale 2011 International Symposium
How can Yokohama Triennale continue for 100 years?
International Exhibitions and the Museum – Value and Possibilities

Holding international exhibitions in museum venues is a common practice, but for Yokohama Triennale, it is the first time that it takes place in a museum, at Yokohama Museum of Art, a decade after its founding in 2011. In the last ten years or so, Japan has seen a development of other unique forms of international exhibitions. Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale and Setouchi Art Festival are examples of international exhibitions that are held in shrinking and aging communities, in economically disadvantaged remote areas, to rejuvenate the local communities through international engagement. Aichi Triennale which just started last year was held in one of the metropolises in Japan, Nagoya, combining their major public art museums with old commercial centers, and extending its forms to performing arts, which led to presenting a more comprehensive form of an international festival.
Yokohama Triennale is at a crossroads, rethinking its role and looking into the future for its continuity and sustainability. Hence, we have asked the presences of Carnegie International and Taipei Biennale, both of which have a history in museums running an international exhibition, to think about the value and significance of holding international exhibitions in museums, ways to continue the endeavor, and its new possibilities.

Date/Time: October 23 14:00-16:30 (13:30- doors open)
Venue: Lecture Hall, Yokohama Museum of Art
Capacity: 200 seats (registration necessary)
Admission: free
Organizer: Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale 2011
Co-organizer: Yokohama Museum of Art
Special Support: The Japan Foundation
*English/Japanese interpretation available

14:00-14:15 Greetings and opening remark by

OSAKA Eriko, Director General of Yokohama Triennale 2011

14:15-14:35 Case studies of international exhibition at museums

[Case study 1] Carnegie International by Dan BYERS, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the Carnegie Museum of Art
[Case study 2] Taipei Biennial by CHANG Fang-Wei, Director of Biennial and International Projects Office, Taipei Fine Arts Museum
[Case study 3] Other examples in other regions by MIKI Akiko, Artistic Director of Yokohama Triennale 2011
*Lyon Biennale will be presented in a video presentation by Thierry Raspail, Artistic Director, Biennale de Lyon

15:25-15:30 Break

15:30-16:15 Panel discussion “International Exhibitions and the Museum ― Value and Possibilities”

Moderator: OSAKA Eriko
Panelists: Dan BYERS, CHAN Fang-Wei, MIKI Akiko

16:15-16:30 Q &A
Carnegie International
Carnegie International was founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1986, only 5 months after the first Venice Biennale, making it the second oldest exhibition of international contemporary art in the world. The International has been instrumental in building Carnegie’s collection, which has been shaped by purchasing the “old masters of tomorrow.” The 56th edition will be held in 2013, curated by Daniel Baumann, associate curator Dan Byers, and associate curator Tina Kukielski.

◎Taipei Biennial
Taipei Biennial was conceived in 1992 as a result of combining “Contemporary Art Trends in the R.O.C.” and “An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Sculpture in the Republic of China”. In 1992-94, the biennial was a result from a competition and artists were selected through an open call. In 1996, four Taiwanese curators were invited to organize 1996 Taipei Biennial and in 1998, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum began to invite internationally-renowned curators to collaborate with Taiwanese curators, which has been described as “co-curator” model for organizing the Taipei Biennial till 2010. The 8th Taipei Biennial is scheduled to open in 2012.
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