YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art

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[PHOTO] Taro Amano

Taro Amano

Born in 1955 in Osaka, Japan.
After working for the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art from 1982 to 1987, Amano was appointed curator of the Yokohama Museum of Art in 1987. In this role, he has been involved in planning numerous exhibitions, including many outside Japan. He is a member of the International Association of Art Critics.
Major exhibitions curated by Amano include “New York -New Art- The Chase Manhattan Bank Collection”(1989), “Innovation in Collaborative Print-Making: Kenneth Tyler 1963-1992”(1992), “Japanese Art after 1945: Scream against the Sky(co-curator)”(1994), “Robert Frank, Moving Out”(1995), “Yasumasa Morimura, Sickness unto Beauty- Self-Portrait as Actress”(1996), “Contemporary Photography I: Absolute Landscape between illusion and reality”(1997), “Louise Bourgeois - Homesickness-“(1997-98), “Dialogue avec des Artistes Contemporains - La Collection Yvon Lambert”(1998), “Stance - Suga Kishio”(1999), “Contemporary Photography II: Anti-Memory”(2000), “Yoshitomo Nara”(2001), “Jean-Marc Bustamante, Private Crossing”(2002), “Black Out: Contemporary Japanese Photography”(organized by the Japan Foundation, 2002-03), “Takuma Nakahira: Degree Zero – Yokohama”(2003), and “Contemporary Photography III Non-Sect Radical”(2004).


[PHOTO] Takashi Serizawa

URLTakashi Serizawa

Born in 1951 in Tokyo, Japan.
Established P3 art and environment in 1989. Since then, Serizawa has been involved in numerous domestic and international projects, principally in contemporary art and environmental planning. He was general director of the “Tokachi International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Demeter” held at Obihiro Racetrack (2002), and headed the Asahi Art Festival executive committee (2002-04). He is an occasional lecturer in theory of architecture at Keio University. Publications include “Kono Wakusei wo Yudo suru”(Iwanami), “View from the Moon - Hints on Living in the Twenty-first Century”(Mainichi Newspapers), the Japanese translation of R. Buckminster Fuller’ s “Operating Manual for Spaceship EARTH”(Chikuma Gakugei Bunko), and the Japanese translation of Kenneth Brower’ s “The Starship”(Chikuma Bunko).


[PHOTO] Shingo Yamano

Shingo Yamano

Born in 1950 in Fukuoka, Japan.
Yamano specialized in copperplate printing at the Bigakko school of art, graduating in 1971, and began actively producing art works since 1970’. In 1989 he moved on to art exhibition planning and coordination work, and has been responsible for exhibitions and workshops on the theme of art and the community.
Yamano founded the Institute of Art Function in 1978, and has held a number of organizing roles, including being production committee chairperson for the Museum City Project, director-general of ARTS NPO LINK. Since 2004, he has been director of Gallery Artlier.