YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art

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Craig Walsh

Craig Walsh (Australia) 63

Born in 1966 in Orange, New South Wales, Australia. Lives and works in Brisbane.

Walsh creates site-specific installations that are shown in venues not only inside art museums. These include the installation in which the glass doors of an urban building are transformed at night into a water tank filled with huge fish (Blurring the Boundaries, Hanoi, 2001), and commissioned work and off-site projects such as that shown at the “Woodford Folk Festival” music festival (Queensland). Walsh’s site-specific work encroaches onto the site itself to transform its meaning. Apart from creating his own art, Walsh is also a curator and coordinator of art events. In Australia, Walsh’s work has been shown in exhibitions such as “The Anne Landa Award” at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 2004, while he also participates in international exhibitions such as the Havana Biennale, 2004.

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Wang Te-Yu

Wang Te-Yu (Taiwan) 64

Born in 1970 in Shin-shu, Taiwan. Lives and works in Taipei.

Wang graduated from the Department of Fine Art, National Institute of the Arts, Taipei in 1993. In recent years Wang has participated in exhibitions such as “Sister Space” (Southern Exposure, San Francisco, 2000), “You Talk, I Listen” (Centre d’Art Contemporain de La Ferme du Buisson, France, 1999), “PROMENADE IN ASIA - CUTE” (Mito Art Tower, Japan, 2001) and “Lots o’LOTTO: Visible and Invisible” (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, 2005).
Throughout her career Wang has continued to focus on a single concept - the presence of people within a given space, human intervention into space and the change that takes place as a result. She departs from conventional art in with its emphasis on the visual element, instead attempting to evoke people’s intuitive powers and awareness through the work that she makes accessible to the observer.

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Nari Ward

Nari Ward (Jamaica) 65

URLBorn in 1963 in St Andrews, Jamaica. Lives and works in New York.

Ward studied art after migrating to the United States and then embarked on a career as an artist, later shifted his focus to installations. The recycle and reuse of the immense quantity of waste produced by American consumer society remains a feature of his work. The dialogue with regional societies and communities that result from this process of collecting refuse is also an important element of his work. Participated in “Documenta 11” (2002) and the 7th Sharjah International Art Biennial (2005).

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Richard Wilson


Richard Wilson (UK) 66

Born in 1953 in London, UK. Lives and works in London.

One of UK representative installation artists. Wilson’s “20:50” is part of the Saatchi Gallery permanent collection in London. His large-scale installation “Slice of Reality”(2000) featuring a cross-section of a boat at the mouth of the Thames River in London was highly acclaimed. Wilson’s site-specific works always convey a pointed and resonant message about the environment that surrounds us.
Major works include Final Corner (World Cup Project, Fukuroi City, 2002), Over Easy (Stockton, U.K., 1999), 20:50 (Saatchi Gallery, London, 2003) and Slice of Reality (London, 2000).

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Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt 1

Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt 2

Wolfgang Winter & Berthold Hörbelt (Germany)67

Wolfgang Winter (born in 1960 in Offenbach, Germany. Lives and works in Frankfurt), and Berthold Hörbelt (born in 1958 in Coesfeld, Germany. Lives and works in Frankfurt) form an artistic duo known for their work Pavilion, constructed with plastic crates used for transporting drinks.
Although Pavilion can be described as a “sculpture” which the observer can enter and experience, Winter and Hörbelt’s pavilions are often constructed as buildings with a function, such as an information booth, a movie theater or a bus shelter. In recent years, they have also been using a range of materials other than crates to create a series of elegant structures, often with half of the structure exposed to the outside world.
Recent exhibitions that Winter and Hörbelt have participated in include “Tokachi International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Demeter”(Obihiro, 2002), “2003 Beaufort, Triennial for Contemporary Art by the Sea”(Ostend, Belgium, 2003), “Purloined Nature” Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art (Sakura, 2003). Their work is also represented at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Yorkshire, UK, 2004).

URLWolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt

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Maaria Wirkkala

Maaria Wirkkala (Finland) 68

Born in 1954 in Helsinki, Finland. Lives and works in Espoo.

After studying ceramics in Helsinki, Wirkkala went on to study art in France.
As represented by Wirkkala’s installation at the 1995 Venice Biennale in which chairs were suspended from the windows of houses to hang above the streets to convey the sense of absence of local residents during an international exhibition, by bringing alive – in the exhibition space – concepts such as “absence” and “loss”, Wirkkala’s work reveals small memories and thoughts/hopes that are normally undetectable.
Major works include So What (Helsinki Festival, 2002) and Forskarcellerna [Researcher’s Cells], (statenskonstråd, 2001), while Wirkkala has participated in many group exhibitions such as the Istanbul Biennale (1995), the Venice Biennale (2000) and Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (Niigata, 2003).

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