YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art

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Jiro Takamatsu

Jiro Takamatsu (Japan) 58

Born in 1936 in Tokyo, Japan. Died in Tokyo in 1998.

Takamatsu graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, but he began showing his art in 1957 while still a student.
His work embraced many different forms and materials, but his unique ideas always aroused controversy, and from the 1960s on he was one of the most influential artists in the world of Japanese contemporary art. Takamatsu was first noticed for his shadow paintings. The shadow series, started in 1964, became the best known of his works.
The shadow paintings are executed with oil or acrylic on white painted panels or canvas, but they have realistic appearance, as if the shadows of people or things are actually reflected on their surface. Eventually, Takamatsu began to paint shadows directly on the walls of the gallery and other spaces as well as on canvases hung on the wall.
One of the works created in a real space was "Construction Site Shadows," installed on January 7, 1971. Six panels 240 centimeters high and 140 centimeters wide were placed together to form a wall adjoining a site where a new building was being constructed in Tokyo's Ginza district. The entire surface was coated with white vinyl paint, and shadows were painted that appeared to be reflections of passersby. It was removed after one day, making it a truly ephemeral work of art. It had the shortest life of any of Takamatsu's creations, but this transitory quality was very appropriate to the theme of shadows.

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Tadasu Takamine

Tadasu Takamine (Japan) 59

Born in 1968 in Kagoshima, Japan. Lives and works in Shiga.

After graduating from Kyoto City University of Arts, Tadasu Takamine joined Dumb Type and was a member from 1993 to 1997, after which he studied media art at the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences. He has since continued to create work utilizing diverse avenues of expression.
Takamine attracted acclaim early in his career, winning the Jury Prize at the 2nd Sony Music Entertainment Artist Audition in 1993, and is a prolific creator of moving images, installations and three-dimensional works in clay. Takamine has also been selected to show at international exhibitions such as the 50th Venice Biennale and in recent years has further expanded his creative boundaries by taking on the role of art director and video producer in a stage production directed by dancer Jo Kanamori.

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Tanishi K

Tanishi K (Japan) 60

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo.

The performance, Flight – in which Tanishi K, dressed in a flight attendant’s costume, suddenly gets onto a train and starts pushing a trolley, chatting to passengers and giving out food and drink – has been held in locations throughout the world. In Japan, this performance has been held on the Tokyu Toyoko line, the Ginza line, the Midosuji line and a tatami-floored train in Tohoku, while international performances include the subway in Seoul and Barcelona. In “Girl! Girl! Girl!”, held at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in 2003, Tanishi K created an installation featuring a maze simulating the inside of a plane, with visitors getting papers stamped at each “stop” on their virtual flight during which they could look at photographs and footage of the flight.


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Yuken Teruya (Japan) 61

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Kaori Tazoe

Kaori Tazoe (Japan) 62

Born in 1970 in Kanagawa, Japan. Lives and works in Kanagawa.

Tazoe has continued to be involved in theatrical and costume design since graduating from the Otsuka Textile Design Institute in 1992. Tazoe formed the creative collaborative “Suit” with Junko Ito in 1995 and until 2002 the duo produced stage costumes, held performances and carried out a direct mail-based performance, “SUIT postcard series”.
In 2001, Tazoe established, together with Daisuke Mizushima, the alternative space “Scratch Tile” where he continues to plan and organize screenings and lectures by filmmakers and curators.
As “Suit”, Tazoe has also been involved in projects such as “Yokohama Gaito Geijutsu 2001: ARTS ON THE SHOPPING TOWN” and the live event “MOTOMACHI SUIT” (Motomachi Koen Kyudojo, Ellisman Mansion, Yokohama, 2001).

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