YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art

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Jun Oenoki + Warehouse Keepers+ MIKAN

Jun Oenoki + Warehouse Keepers+ MIKAN (Japan) 44

Jun Oenoki (born in 1962 in Saga, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo) is a prolific creator of installations and performances featuring electronic devices and equipment and is also actively involved in free radio and streaming, such as the free radio station “Shimokitazawa Radio Homerun” (1984-1994). In Yokohama 2005, Oenoki is collaborating with MIKAN (established in 1995.) to create a radio mobile broadcasting station. The radio station in the venue – which will be moved everyday – will broadcast live and feature a range of guests and artists. Anyone with an FM radio will be able to hear the program anywhere inside the venue, so that this radio station will not only be a medium connecting the various events taking place inside the venue but will also represent an alternative Yokohama Triennale venue, one with invisible boundaries, but still a place that large numbers of people can enter and leave, a place for encounters and interaction. Warehouse Keepers (formed in 2005), meanwhile, is a collaborative of students and local residents formed for this project, the role of which is to run the radio programs.

Jun Oenoki URL

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Ong Keng Sen (The Flying Circus Project)

Ong Keng Sen (The Flying Circus Project)
(Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, Myammar) 45

Ong Keng Sen – Born in 1963 in Singapore. Lives and works in Singapore. URL
Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture (Cambodia) URL
Amir Muhammad (Malaysia) URL
The Continuum Asia Project (Laos)
Tintin Wulia (Indonesia) URL
Popo/ Myint Moe Aung / Soe Naing (Myammar)

Ong Keng Sen is a director of numerous performing arts and theater arts-related performances as the artistic director of TheatreWorks. In 1994, Ong formed “The Flying Circus Project”, a cultural exchange workshop transcending time, nationality and genres, and in 2002 was appointed curator of the “InTransit” performance festival in Berlin organized by the German Government’s cultural agency, Haus der Kulturen der Welt [House of World Cultures]. At Yokohama 2005, Ong will be creating an installation and holding a workshop – to be titled School of Politics – in collaboration with artists from different countries and genres. Major works directed by Ong include Lear, Chinoiserie and Sandakan Threnody. Appointed Summer Institute Arts Director, The Kitchen, New York in 2006.

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Open Circle

Open Circle (India) 46

URLAn artists’ initiative and non-profit organization established in 1999 in Mumbai, India.

Open Circle’s members are Sharmila Samant, Tushar Joag and Archana Hande. The organization’s activities are supported by local and international art and cultural agencies. Open Circle has a critical and multifaceted approach to cultural homogenization and the increasing tendency towards an elimination of the non-mainstream as a result of globalism. It attempts to intervene in dominant cultures and political situations through dialogue and workshops held in public spaces. In a major project carried out at the 8th Havana Biennale (Cuba, 2003), Open Circle created an imaginary virus that was a metaphor for the spread of consumerism in developing countries by European and American multinational corporations. Other projects include a charity auction of artwork to raise funds, held in February 2005, to raise funds for the Asian tsunami victims.

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