YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art

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Chie Matsui


Chie Matsui (Japan) 36

Born in 1960 in Osaka, Japan. Lives and works in Osaka.

Known since the 1980’s for her installations, Matsui does not so much “arrange” everyday items in her work as “assemble” biographical or tactile forms and items, often using her own body. In recent years, much of Matsui’s work has been allegorical, featuring moving images and performance. Her work continues to be shown both nationally and internationally in countless exhibitions, including solo exhibitions, with large-scale installations at the Venice Biennale “Aperto” ’90 and the exhibition to mark the opening of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art in 1995.

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Eriko Momotani 1

Eriko Momotani 2

Eriko Momotani (Japan) 37

Born in 1964 in Osaka, Japan. Lives and works in Paris.

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Doshisha University, Momotani moved to France in 1990 to study photography. There she developed an interest in curating which she went on to study in the Licence de Conception du Projet Culturel Department at Université Paris 1. In 1995 she organized an exhibition titled “Micro Exposition chez Eriko Momotani” in which she made her own 20 square meter studio apartment available to the public. Momotani has since organized 21 exhibitions featuring 22 artists. In 2003 she organized her first sound exhibition. This was realized by featuring sound installations and concerts that provided visitors with a sonic experience that filled the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet and the bedroom. The word “micro” has two meanings - an extremely small space, and that only a minimum of measures is all that is needed. In 2003 Momotani held an exhibition of source materials as well as a performance at Scratch Tile in Yokohama.
Major exhibitions Momotani has curated include Nick Gee- “Breakoff”(1996), Mathieu Mercier - “Melamine structure for a sofa”(1996), Jason Karaindros - “Fugues”(1999), Patrice Hamel - “Dilemma - Replique No.17”(2000), Eriko Momotani & Jakob Gautel - “One Hundred Views of Mt Fuji ~ a hommage to Hokusai”(2001)”, Ai Kitahara - “Mes lieux de transit”(2001)(photo bottom), Carmela Uranga - “Head-lines”(2002)(photo above), and Alexandros Markeas - “Concerto Spaziale”(2003).

URLmicroeriko homestay project

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Tomoko Mukaiyama

Tomoko Mukaiyama (Japan) 38

URLBorn in Wakayama, Japan. Lives and works in Amsterdam.

Mukaiyama has been performing at concerts in Europe and many countries throughout the world since winning the International Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition in 1991. Awarded the Muramatsu Prize in 1993. Many composers have been inspired by her unique approach to the piano, and new works are being written for her every year. While performing at the forefront of contemporary music, Mukaiyama also collaborates with artists from various other genres and continues to attract attention for her initiatives in opening up new possibilities in music. In 2003 Mukaiyama embarked on a series of piano recitals titled “for you”, to be performed for an audience of one, for which she has won world acclaim. She will be performing with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in autumn this year.

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Ingrid Mwangi

Ingrid Mwangi (Kenya / Germany) 39

URLBorn in 1975 in Nairobi, Kenya. Lives and works in Ludwigshafen.

There is a consistent motif in Mwangi’s work of parts of the body – hair, blood or skin – such as in the installation with bunches of crinkled hemp rope emblematic of dread-locked hair that hang from the ceiling, or the performance carried out in front of a monitors on which can be seen images of fragments of the body such as the head, back and legs. Mwangi’s work reveals the issues of ethnic identity and gender difference by the physical body of the artist who was born to a Kenyan father and German mother. She has participated in numerous international and group exhibitions including the 25th São Paolo Biennale (2002), Sharjah International Biennial 7 (U.A.E., 2005) and Prague Biennale 2.

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