YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art

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gansomaeda (Japan) 17

URLGansomaeda is an artists’ collaborative formed in 2000 by Gaku Shinohara (born in 1974 in Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in New York) and Go Watanabe (born in 1975 in Hiroshima, Japan. Lives and works in Kitakyushu).
While each artist pursues his own creative activities, Shinohara and Watanabe also share an idea as the same generation and develop works in respond to the environment of art world. They simply struggle with conditions and problems to befall artists Major exhibitions include “Rakumachi Rakuya” (Kyoto, 2005), “Channel 0” (Akiyoshidai International Art Village, 2004) and “Art Camp in Nakatsue” (Nakatsue-mura, Oita, 2002). Gansomaeda is also a prolific creator of moving images.

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Jakob Gautel & Jason Karaïndros


Jakob Gautel & Jason Karaïndros (Germany and Greece) 18

Jakob Gautel – Born in 1965 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Lives and works in Paris.
Jason Karaïndros – Born in 1963 in Athens, Greece. Lives and works in Paris.

Gautel and Karaïndros have also been collaborating since the early 90’s while pursuing their own careers. In Gautel and Karaïndros’s representative work Angel Detector, the light inside a transparent dome only lights up when total silence is detected in its vicinity. The title of this work alludes to a French expression taken from the idea that a lull in a conversation occurs when an angel passes by. Small and large versions of this device – transforming the public space into an intimate space by detecting the silence that exists in our noise-filled urban environment – have been exhibited in many different locations. In Japan, Gautel and Karaïndros’ work has been shown at the “Paris in Creation” exhibition, a showcase of young French artists held at Bunkamura, Shibuya in 1999.

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Shaun Gladwell

Shaun Gladwell (Australia) 19

Born in 1972 in Sydney, Australia. Lives and works in Sydney.

Gladwell presents extreme sports – skateboarding, BMX (bicycle motocross) and break dancing, and street culture – hip hop and graffiti - within the urban environment through video works. He challenges urban space in an attempt to strip the city of, or to convert, its function. Gladwell stimulates the barren and closed urban space by dramatizing the images through the use of slow motion. Since 2000, Gladwell has been a member of the Australian artist collective Imperial Slacks and continues to exhibit widely. Major works include New Balance (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, 2004) and Interlace (Performance Space, Sydney, 2004).


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Ingo Günther


Ingo Günther (Germany) 20

Born in 1957 in Hanover, Germany. Lives and works in New York.

Artist and journalist Ingo Günther is widely influential as an innovator of media art. His work represents visualizations of the various issues that surround journalism and art, the State, technology, the individual and media. Examples include World Processor in which the various issues and problems faced by our planet today are conveyed by the data collected from every imaginable place – from ground level, from outer space, from science and from society – and presented on an illuminated globe, and Refugee Republic, a project that attempts to create a virtual community, transcending national boundaries, of the countless refugees scattered throughout the world. Günther is widely known for his global perspective and activism – in the past he has been invited to attend the World Economic Forum while he also continues to research and explore international diplomacy.

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