YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art

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L'Estacio 1

L'Estacio 2

L’estació (France) 15

Formed in 1999 in Paris, France.

Collaborative project spearheaded by artists Betty Bui (born in 1967, in Paris, France) and Gilles Coudert (born in 1963 in Firminy, France), both of whom are based in France.
Numerous artists participate annually in this project, which is based in a small village in Catalonia, Spain. Documentation and reference materials related to L’Estació’s activities to date will be shown at the Triennale, and a workshop for invited Japanese architects and students will be held in a mobile space titled “L’Estació Mobile”.
L’Estació’s activities to date include “primera estacio”(1999), “segona estacio”(2000), “trecera estacio”(2002) and “l’estacio tour”(2002-03).

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cie ETOKAN Buren Cirque 1

cie ETOKAN Buren Cirque 2



The circus that features Daniel Buren as collaborator.


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