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Luc Deleu (Belgium) 14

Born in 1944 in Mechelen, Belgium. Lives and works in Antwerp.

Deleu is an installation artist and also an architect who runs the T.O.P. Office in Antwerp. Deleu designs innovative buildings in public spaces and at the same time creates installations that question the inherent characteristics of the scale and materials of buildings in urban spaces. His first work for Yokohama 2005 has been on display in Yamashita Park since April 29, 2005.
Major installations include One nautical mile - amenities for 9.500 inhabitants (unbuilt project, 2000-04), Speybank Revisited (2004), “Exhibition: Luc Deleu” (Open Air Sculpture Museum Middelheim, Antwerp, 2003), and Academical Upgrade II & III (2002-03).

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