YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art

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Llorenç Barber

Llorenç Barber (Spain) 04

Born in 1948 in Valencia, Spain. Lives and works in Madrid.

Composes and performs orchestral music featuring church bells, foghorns and sirens, so far performing in nearly 100 cities in Europe and the United States. The huge concert-project “NAUMAQUIA” – featuring foghorns, performances by musicians and the sound of fireworks – held in Barcelona in 2004 attracted considerable attention at the time. Strongly influenced by John Cage and Fluxus, urban spaces and environments remain the focus of Barber’s projects and compositions.

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BOAT PEOPLE Association

BOAT PEOPLE Association (Japan) 05

URLA collective formed in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan.

BOAT PEOPLE Association – formed by Kyosuke Sakakura, Gen’ichi Ide, Hiroshi Yamazaki, Yuzoh Fujita and Tadashi Iwamoto – will be carrying out a project using a barge for Yokohama 2005. BOAT PEOPLE Association’s members were drawn to the outstanding durability and stability of the barge as well as its flat internal space. By transforming the barge into a space for people to come together, it aims to also bring about a transformation in what the barge represents and its value. During Yokohama 2005, the barge, which has been refurbished into a minimal, floating lounge area, will be moored at Yamashita Pier, the exhibition venue, as not only a work of art but also a space that will function as part of the overall venue. BOAT PEOPLE Association has continued to propose a range of different “floating experiences” in its exploration of this theme, organizing symposiums and parties at BankART studio NYK by the canal, researching the canals that run between Shinagawa-ku and Minato-ku in Tokyo and creating a “Canal Cruising Map” with suggestions for enjoying ways to cruise the canal.

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Daniel Buren

Daniel Buren2

Daniel Buren (France) 06

Born in 1938 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Lives and works in situ.

Buren’s long career and numerous international exhibitions and public art work have made him a well-known French artist here in Japan. “Cie ETOKAN Buren Cirque” – the circus with which Buren has been collaborating with in recent years – is planning to make its appearance at the 2005 Triennale. Buren has completely redesigned not only the circus venue but also the performances and even the cafe incorporating the essence of his unique sensibility into every aspect of the circus. “Cie ETOKAN Buren Cirque” represents a new direction for this international artist.
Recent works by Buren include The colors suspended and The colors reflected (Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, 2003), Cerchi nell’aqua (Ponticelli, Naples, 2004) and De l’Azur au Temple du Ciel (Temple of Heaven, Beijing, 2004).

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